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By: Catherine Schobert

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Thursday, 7-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A General Update

Christmas in NJ 010
Christmas in NJ 019
Christmas in NJ 039
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A year has passed, and I've updated this twice. Not a good record.
Clearly, life has been marching along. You'll notice in these pictures that
I'm 6 months along in my second pregnancy and doing fine. Last weekend
found us all fighting a stomach bug, but we've all survived. Christmas was
an unparalleled joy as our growing family welcomed my parents a week prior.
We talked, cooked, partied, prayed and exchanged gifts. Luke loves having
grandparents around. As if we weren't busy enough preparing to double the
amount of children we have, we have found a new house that looks like it
will suit us fine. Pending the inspection, we plan to move around the
beginning of March. Hopefully that will give us enough time to get settled
before the new baby comes. Our last baby had to be dragged out 10 days
late, but that's no indication of baby #2, so I'm trying to prepare for
anything. I hate hate hate to leave our cozy, predictable home here, but
it's simply not where we want to live the next 5 years of our life. We need
and want more space and things. (My kingdom for a dining room!) I'm piling
a lot of work on my plate in the next two months, so wish us luck. Back to

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Summer Days Are Here

It has been a while since my last update, but I've been investigating new ways to share information with you. This "fotoblog" seems to be a nice way of doing it. A lot has been going on, but I won't bore you with details of the past few months except to say that Luke is talking up a storm and turning into a real boy, climbing and playing in the dirt, and practicing riding his little scooter. We've been playing in the sprinkler in the park behind our house, and going to our baby-gym class, and playing outside with friends Stephan and Alan. We look forward to more of the same for the rest of the summer months. We'll be enjoying a visit from Luke's Grammy in a few weeks. Luke's still challenged by multi-textured food, and limits his menu to dry, predictable foods like waffles, crackers & cheerios. I'm hoping he'll come around soon. I just got back from my friend Kim's wedding in Rhode Island. Let me know if you want to see the Ofoto album for that. I'm going to get back to work. Hpefully I'll update this more often. Take Care!

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Winter Chill

Enjoying a waffle.
Angel face.
Christmas hat.
Good Morning to all.

I hope that you locals are sufficiently bundled to brave the cold weather of yesterday and today. We're enjoying being indoors and viewing the 3-degree weather from this side of the window. Yesterday we packed Luke and his neighbor-friend Stephan into the car and journeyed down to the Short Hills Mall....with frozen windshield-jets. So, it was slightly perilous driving. I had forgotten those things could/would freeze! At least the boys got to run around the mall freely. It's important for them to get some exercise, in spite of the single-digit temps.

Last weekend was a notable one because Melissa & I took Dorleen out for her birthday, as a surprise! It was a great girls' night out, and we can't wait to do it again soon. On Sunday Chris and I saw "Mamma Mia!" and it was really fabulous! We were dancing in our seats, and I was humming along. The storyline even had a little twist at the end. I have the best husband!

Yesterday morning, Luke helped me empty the dishwasher. He has helped before, handing me bottle parts he extracts from the silverware basket, but yesterday was the first time he actually placed some utensils in a drawer, all by himself! Granted, it was the wrong drawer, but I was still beaming with pride! He was pretty pleased with himself, too. I'm thrilled that he's beginning to understand the value of "help."

Luke's current love, other than the perennial gears toy, is a medium-sized plastic car that he delights in rolling off the coffee table. He's learning about gravity, and oddly finds humor in a car rolling off a cliff. Oh well. His other favorite (Mother, be sure to tell Betty!) is a travel-sized Magna-Doodle (like an updated etch-a-sketch) which can amuse him for hours! He's not interested in drawing with a crayon yet, but he's quite interested in drawing the little magnetic pen across the small tablet and seeing lines. For those of you following his educational progress, he has begun to point out letters to me, like H and M and N, and yesterday he held up an 8 in the bath and identified it as such. He's just wonderful! Words are coming slowly, and we're working on "help," (for when he gets stuck under the coffee table or a kitchen chair, or loses something under the radiator), and "please," for obvious reasons. He's a happy child, content to be led along the road of learning how to maneuver in our society. He walked nicely with me yesterday, holding my hand. Right now, he's playing with a small toy zebra and a piece of red yarn, and he needs a diaper change. I couldn't love him more.


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